• Native app solutions
  • Beautiful UI creations
  • Web-Applications, Websites
  • Icons, Logos, Branding
  • Database + Client-Server applications
Native android alarm clock app - made in Vorarlberg

Pocketbell Alarm Clock

Native Android App

Native android dialer app - Software made in Mäder

Dial Sphere 3d

Native Android App

Android Game development - handmade graphic design

Chicken's revenge

Native Android App

Native Android outdoor app - compass and camera powered - made in Vorarlberg


Native Android App, OpenStreetMap

Responsive webdesign and Angular JS web application with ASP.Net backend

Chronos Process Monitor

Angular web-application, website, branding

Responsive website, webdesign bootstrap powered

Responsive website, branding

Single page angular 4 application, materializecss, angular-cli


Crane Management Service 5.0 - www.kü

Icons, logos, branding, design, graphics

Icon design

Logos, icons, branding

Go Mobile

with software 'Made in Mäder'

Is your business ready for a mobile world? Today, more than ever, having a brilliant, responsive website is an indispensable must-have for every business. Having your own app also can be a great means of promotion, lead to an increased visibility and strong customer connections.

We'd love to go along with you on your way to make your business 'smartphone-ready'.

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Many years have passed since starting with desktop and client/server application development back in 2001. Today, focused on mobile and web - application development, our apps are downloaded 100.000+ times around the globe.

Take advantage of our experience in native (Android) app development, a favour for webdesign and a passion for everything in fields of graphics and icon design.


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