Privacy Policy

Chicken's Revenge

In brief

Chicken's Revenge ("the app") is a free android game app for kids. It's all about a funny rabbit trying to steal some eggs from an angry chicken. The app is provided by CREATIVE BYTES [FM] e.U. (in the following referred to as "we", "our").

Personal data

We use googles Play Games Services API to make it possible to compete with others on a ranking list. You don't need to share your score with others if you don't want to. If you want to share your score, read carefully through the google play games privacy policy. With an in-app purchase you can remove the adds from the app. Therefore google collects your payment information.

Analytics & Error tracking

The app collects anonymous data that help to determine problems and enhance your user experiance. Therefore we uses the Google Analytics, a long-running and widely used service that collects data about app usage and exception details.

Requested permissions

Depending on your android version your're prompted to grant some permissions during installation process. Some other permissions may be asked later when using the app. All requested permissions are used to allow the app to work as an alarm clock - for no other reason.