Privacy Policy


In brief

OutScout ("the app") is a free android outdoor app. The app has a built in AR-compass, tracking features and makes it possible to build your own collection of favorit places on OpenStreetMap. The app is provided by CREATIVE BYTES [FM] e.U. (in the following referred to as "we", "our").

Personal data

We do not collect any kind of personal data. All your recorded locations and tracks are stored in a database on your device. It's not required to log-in or enter personal data to operate the app. An exception to this rule is when you decide to make in-app purchases. Therefore google collects your payment information.

Analytics & Error tracking

The app collects anonymous data that help to determine problems and enhance your user experiance. Therefore we uses the Google Analytics, a long-running and widely used service that collects data about app usage and exception details.

Requested permissions

Depending on your android version your're prompted to grant some permissions during installation process. Some other permissions may be asked later when using the app. All requested permissions are used to allow the app to work as an alarm clock - for no other reason.